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Lump Removal 

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If you find a lump on your pet it is recommended that you get it checked out by a one of our Vets, as a result we may feel that it needs to be removed.

It could be that it is irritating to your pet causing it scratch or chew, which can lead to further problems.

The lump may be situated in an awkward place and needs removing to stop it being caught or rubbing which can affect your pet’s mobility.

However there are times where the lump may be a bit more concerning and could be cancerous, these lumps may want removing and sent for histology for confirmation.

If any of these lumps tested do come back as cancerous we will discuss the options for further treatment, which may include chemotherapy all of which can be treated here at the Park Veterinary surgery at Sanatorium Road.

We will need to put your pet under a general anaesthetic to remove any lumps. The procedure will be completed as a day patient and all stitches will need to be removed 10 days after the operation.

Your pet may be discharged with a course of antibiotics to prevent infection and even some extra painkillers.

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Here at Park Vets we know that affordable pet healthcare is important. We are always looking to present our customers with offers on products and services to help with that.

Current special offers include:-

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