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Effective nutrition is an important role in the well being and general health of your pet.
Pet nutrition can range from something that merely sustains a pet’s life to foods that can actually help manage certain health problems.

Most Pet foods contain nutrition for a specific stage of your pet’s life. Make sure when selecting a food that you choose a product for your pet’s age and lifestyle.

We at the Park Vets recommend the Royal Canin and Hills ranges for both dogs and cats.

We will gladly assess your pet’s health and recommend a food to suit their needs so please give us a call and speak to one of our veterinary nurses.

Royal Canin and Hills ranges are specially formulated to suit all ages, activity levels and physical condition.

For more information on nutrition for your puppy, click here.

For more information on nutrition for your kitten, click here.

For Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

We stock a range of specialist diets for our small friends. These are scientifically balanced to provide the correct nutrition’s for these delicate pets. We have Burgess, Excel and Supreme Science ranges.

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Special offers

Here at Park Vets we know that affordable pet healthcare is important. We are always looking to present our customers with offers on products and services to help with that.

Current special offers include:-

  • offers on school pets
  • long term anti-inflammatory drugs
  • free diet & nutrition classes
  • discounts via our Pet Health Club
  • See the offers
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