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Anaesthesia and surgery 

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We at the Park Vets fully understand the concerns you may have regarding surgery and anaesthesia for your companion, and whilst there is no risk free anaesthesia; modern drugs, techniques and protocol can minimise these risks.

Here at the Park Vets we pride ourselves on the very best facilities, equipment and procedures to enable us to perform pre anaesthetic tests, such as blood tests, x rays to minimise any potential risks to the patients.

Preparing for Anaesthetic

Remove food from your pet after 8.00 pm the previous night.
They can still have water available to them until 8.00am the day of the procedure.
Allow your dogs time to go the toilet before bringing them into the surgery.


Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Gerbils do not need to be a starved for operations.  
Ferrets need to be starved 4 hours before surgery.
Cat and dogs need to be starved from 8pm the night before surgery (water can be left down until the morning of the op)

On Arrival

Please arrive at the surgery between 8.30 am and 9.00 am
Please make your self known to the receptionist who will tell a veterinary nurse you have arrived.
You will then be told about the procedure by the Nurse or Vet and be asked to fill in and sign a consent form.

Pre Testing

We at the Park vets recommend pre anaesthetic blood testing to help detect any potential underlying problems.
If any abnormal results are found we can then take precautions to minimise any risks and safeguard your pets health.

During Anaesthesia

An initial drug is given to allow the patient to relax and is called a “pre med”
Just before the surgery is to take place, your pet will be anaesthetised. This is a simple procedure where the animal feels no pain and is totally unaware of what is happening.
During the whole procedure a designated nurse will be with your pet monitoring and caring for your pet.


After the anaesthetic, your pet will slowly wake up with the designated nurse by their side monitoring their progress.
We will keep the patient warm and comfortable throughout this.
After the procedure you will be contacted by the team with an update on your pet.

On going home

On collecting your pet from our surgery you will be advised on what aftercare your pet will need
Your Pet may be appearing a bit drowsy but this is completely normal.
Your pet may have a slight cough or may vomit due to the anaesthetic
A small amount of water can be made available and a small meal later in the evening
Normal feeding may resume the following day.
Your pet should be kept quiet and warm overnight to aid recovery.
Please follow all instructions highlighted by the vet or nurse at time of collection.

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