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Coronavirus Updates 

Update 24th March 2020

To all of our clients 

From 8.30am this morning,

Adhering to the Primeminsters’ statement last night and following guidelines from our governing body the RCVS, we will be limiting all face to face communication. 

Our surgery doors will be closed and we ask you to wait in the car with your animals.

This means we will be providing emergency treatment only. We will unfortunately have to postpone and cancel non essential check ups, vaccinations, nail clips and other services normally provided to you. 
We are able to post and deliver medications to you, this will include flea and worm treatments.

This is a fast moving situation and we are working hard to keep you updated, and do our best for you and your pets. This page is not continuously monitored so any non-urgent questions to be emailed over to We will endeavour to reply within 24 hours. 

Thank you for your support, from everyone at the Park Vet Team


Caring for Your Pet During Covid-19 “Lockdown”

  • All Veterinary Practices are under strict instruction from the Government to only allow emergency cases into the building.
  • This is to protect pet owners and veterinary staff from Covid-19, ensuring staff are always available to treat your pet during an emergency.
  • We are currently offering 15-minute telephone consultations with a vet at normal price (£39.50) to discuss your pets’ condition.
  • If your pet needs to be seen at the surgery, you will not be charged an additional consult fee.
  • We ask that once you arrive at the surgery, wait outside and telephone to let us know you have arrived. A Vet or Nurse will then examine your pet and assess whether he/she needs to be admitted to the hospital. You will receive regular phone call/text updates.
  • Rules on prescribing medication have been relaxed at this time, meaning we may be able to dispense medication based on your description of your pets’ condition. Medications can be collected from outside the surgery or posted to your address.
  • PLEASE DO NOT MEDICATE YOUR PET WITH HUMAN MEDICATIONS as a number of them are highly toxic to our pets.
  • We recommend that if your animal goes outside, after stroking them, wash your hands with soap and water and try to avoid kissing them! (Difficult, we know!). Evidence is limited, however there may be a possibility that the virus can be carried on your pets’ fur.
  • It is always important to follow good hygiene practices as other bacteria such as Salmonella can also be carried by our pets.
  • Please do not use antiseptic/antibacterial cleaning products on your pets, they could lick it off and become very unwell.
  • We at Park Vets have put together some advice sheets on caring for your dogs and cats at this difficult time, including behaviour advice.


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