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Here at Park Vets we strive to look after the emotional well being of your pet, as well as its medical needs. By giving sound behavioural advice we hope to optimise the relationship between owner and pet, so allowing you to enjoy the huge rewards of pet ownership.

We begin by inviting each newly vaccinated puppy to his or her first ‘party’. This will be at around 3 months’ of age. The aim of our puppy parties is to emphasise the importance of socialisation of these young pups whilst their minds are open to suggestion and acceptance of new experiences. Pups have an ‘open’ period or socialisation period from 4-14 weeks of age when novel experiences are accepted readily without fear. It is so important that puppies are exposed to as many sights and sounds as possible during this time and into early adulthood.

Dogs that have limited exposure as youngsters can grow into fearful adults, with aggression often being the natural outcome of fear.

Mistakes made when these pups are young and impressionable can stay with them for life. Our puppy parties are to help minimise mistakes by spreading knowledge, answering questions, watching how the pups play and most importantly to relax, have fun and let these pups have a positive experience at their vets.

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