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Any stray cat that is brought to us will be checked for a microchip and examined by a vet for any obvious urgent treatment. If urgent treatment is needed, then this will be done promptly by one of our vets.


Our practice policy is that we keep stray cats for 7 days and attempt to find their owner. We will create a Facebook post with the cat’s details and post them on petsreunited.com and petslocated.com. We encourage finders to share this Facebook post to your own profiles or any local groups, or create your own poster. Please follow the link for information from Cats Protection on more that you can do to help. A microchipped cat is legally owned and therefore failure to relinquish them could be in violation of the Theft Act of 1968. 

After 7 days, we will advertise a cat for re-homing. A finder is welcome to leave their details with us if interested in taking on a cat. Before re-homing the cat will be vaccinated, neutered if not already so, and had any non-urgent but necessary treatment (i.e. dentistry) done. A non-microchipped cat will be chipped before re-homing. A chipped cat will need more elaborate processing to change ownership, which will require correspondence with the microchipping company who will do a more extensive search for the registered owner over 30 days. 


If we find a stray dog then we have a duty under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to either return it directly to its owner or contact the Local Authority of the area where it was found. If you bring the dog to us we can either contact an owner directly based on its microchip details or if not, it will be collected by the local dog warden. 

Any member of the public who retains possession of such dog and neither returns it to the owners or contacts the local authority, is committing theft under the Theft Act 1968. You may wish to take a photo of the dog and post it to your social media to help find the owners, then direct them to Cardiff Dog's Home.