We have in-house imaging X-Ray to help us speedily diagnose potential issues in the patients of Cardiff, Penarth and Pontypridd.


X-rays have been performed and used in both human and animal patients for decades.

They are commonly used in a variety of scenarios, most notably to assess bone. Recent digital advances in this area have made x-rays much quicker to process and clearer to interpret.

Having recently upgraded our radiography suite, your pet will benefit from state-of-the-art equipment ensuring the best possible accuracy in diagnosis.


Ultrasound is a diagnostic device that involves ultrasound waves being emitted via a probe on your pet’s skin, which allows accurate imagery to be produced, most notably to assess the abdominal cavity and the heart.

You may have seen ultrasound used in humans for pregnancy scanning!

It can often be performed with a conscious patient and is therefore a commonly used diagnostic technique. Your pet will often lay on a cushioned table receiving attention from one of our trained RVN.

Bronchoscopy & Endoscope

Many will be familiar with the sight of endoscopes, be that in hospital TV programmes or from having had this diagnostic technique performed on themselves or a family member in hospital.

Endoscopy allows the clinician to pass a tube either into the airway or the gastrointestinal tract and directly visualise these areas for abnormalities.

Performed under general anaesthetic, endoscopy enables a less traumatic and quick approach to investigating hard to reach areas of the body.

We are equipped with up to date endoscopy equipment should your pet require this approach.