We offer vaccinations to the pets of Cardiff, Penarth and Pontypridd to protect them from a range of preventable but potentially serious illnesses.

It is important to prevent diseases occurring in your pet and vaccines play a vital role in disease prevention.

Annual boosters are essential in maintaining your pet’s immunity to preventable diseases.

Your pet will receive a thorough health check at its vaccination, which can be essential in diagnosing conditions that can be successfully treated if identified early.

Dog Vaccinations

Vaccination against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, para influenza and leptospirosis virus is strongly recommended.

Your puppy will require a course of two injections four weeks apart, which we are able to provide from eight weeks of age.

If your pet is going into kennels we advise it to have the kennel cough vaccination.

All these vaccinations need an annual booster.

Cat Vaccinations

Vaccines for cat flu, enteritis and leukaemia are strongly recommended.

Kittens can be vaccinated at nine weeks of age and require a course of two injections given three weeks apart.

Cats require an annual booster vaccination.